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  SearchFit Shopping Cart X-Cart Shopping Cart Monster Commerce Apple Pie Shopping Cart
Monthly Fee $49-$399 $185-$495 $99/month $59-$350
Setup Fee $99-$299 none $99 $99-$300
SEO Tools
Entire Site is Static HTML Pages  
Ability to Optimize Each Page Individually      
Optional .php or html file extensions      
Hyphen or Underscore Page Naming      
Automatically Optimize Page Titles and Page Names      
Automatically Add Optimized Headings      
Automatically Customize Metatag
Keywords and Descriptions
Customize Image names  
Automatic Image Alt Tag Naming    
Automatically Created Sitemap      
Optimize 10,000 Product Pages Takes 5 minutes by hand by hand by hand
Shopping Cart Features
SearchFit X-Cart Monster Apple Pie
Bulk Upload of Product Information
Export to Google's Froogle extra fee  
Connect to External Database Via External Database Identifier    
XML Web Services      
XML Ready      
Referring URL Tracking  
Inventory Control  
Automated Dropshipping System  
Related Products  
Wish List  
Shared SSL Certificate  
Members List  
Send E-Mail Newsletters extra fee
Real Time UPS/FedEx/USPS
Vendor & Service User Access    
Site Development Features
SearchFit X-Cart Monster Apple Pie
Fully Customizeable Template Design    
Change Templates Used Per Page      
Customizable Order Form      
Create Multiple Stores From A Single
Shopping Cart/Product Database Including:
Different Designs      
Vary Product Prices      
Different Sets of Products      
Multiple Languages      
Multiple Currencies      
Support Features
SearchFit X-Cart Monster Apple Pie
Telephone Support
E-Mail Support

All information is based upon research of the companies' sites and is not guaranteed to be correct, please verify any features of interest directly with the related company.

Add flexibility and power to your online store. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to increase your search engine ranking and sales. Use SearchFit to accomplish things that would be impossible to do with our competition's software, or cost a fortune to program on your own.

SearchFit's Web Services feature allows you to use powerful xml related features like pulling your inventory information from an external database.

SearchFit was designed from the beginning to help you take advantage of powerful e-commerce strategies. One of the largest advantages of using SearchFit is the ability to create multiple websites from a single product database. For example, here is one of many ways to successfully use SearchFit:

The Multi User Advantage

  1. Create a main store that carries all of your products.
  2. Determine what your best selling product categories are.
  3. Create several new websites. Each site will focus on a different product category. Sites that focus on a smaller product area are beneficial for two reasons. First, the products and categories are more focused around a key phrase. This makes is much easier to come up high in search engine results for a given key phrase. Second, a more focused store will appear to your customers as an authoritative supply for a niche area.
  4. The stores should be optimized (using SearchFit's automatic optimization tools) and strategically linked. The end result is multiple stores whose product pages are listed in search engine results, draw traffic and make sales.

Many variations can be made per store. Here's just a few: Main design template, product display, products per store, product prices, product descriptions, information pages, discounts, page names, currencies. This gives you the power to sell products in completely different looking stores that focus on different types of customers.

The new sites will each be on a different domain and can be created incredibly fast. Using SearchFit's template system and automatic optimization features, new sites can be made in a small fraction of the time it took to create your main site. It can take as little as a few hours to set up a new site.

To do the above using only one shopping cart would be impossible using the competitions software. In addition, the many small adjustments that need to be made to stores can be done much faster using SearchFit. For example, if you have 50 stores and would like to change prices for a set of products, SearchFit allows you to change prices in one location in a matter of minutes that will affect the price for all stores. The competitions software would require you to update each store individually. There are countless similar examples like changing designs, adding products and optimization. SearchFit will reduce your development costs and decrease the time it takes for you to see results.

We constantly upgrade SearchFit with new features requested by our customers and in-house development team.




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