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Multi User Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution

Everyone knows that search engines refuse affiliate website addresses and it doesn’t work because of the URLs or link address used are given by a database driven website.

SearchFit is the only true search engine friendly shopping cart solution and is the most powerful online money making affiliate website program available today. Turn affiliates to individual online stores. Since our SearchFit shopping cart software generates HTML static pages from the server database, it is easily visible to search engines. Another way search engines looks and judges the page ranking is the amount of your link popularity. Imagine having many different pages and URLs along with many different online stores linking to each other creating a huge community with your products on one shopping cart.

Our SearchFit Multi User Program is the only one that allows you (Main Admin) to assign different prices, different currencies, different language and different tax systems to your affiliate user and each of your affiliates can create their own design or template to accommodate the look and feel they desire selling your products for a certain percentage of commission.

How It Works
Think of it as one major store and it links to your store chains, each with their own identity but they get commission for each product they sell. This method will generate exposure to your store and quickly earn profits by having many different affiliate sellers.

You are the main and sole admin for your multi-user program. You maintain your store and every other affiliate store with SearchFit. Your users are only limited to what you specify. If you add a product, because of our automatic FTP session it will add and modify all the generated pages for all of your users sites with a click of one button. read more about Multi Server Solution

Marketing Benefits
Our Multi- User Affiliate program can generate as many users as you want.
  • Get more exposure!
  • Automatic PHP FTP session allows you to update all user sites with one click
  • Users have the ability to change prices if you allow it.
  • Creates a real online shopping site.
  • Each product (even though they are the same) can be submitted to search engines because it automatically generates an ftp session to your server with your affiliates private DNS entry.
  • Creates / generates pages linking to each other creating a huge popularity.
  • Updates local and external ftp server. (Multi Server Solution)
  • Allow marketing letter for all customer with one button click
  • Creates multiple shopping cart user with different language/currency and taxes controlled with one main shopping cart system
  • Allow full custom design individual CSS style and easy HTML based templates with complete web design integration for shopping cart and none shopping cart web pages for each shopping cart user.
  • Supports for each user realtime or offline credit card processing


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SearchFit shopping cart solution !
Realtime Credit Card Processing with almost every Credit Card Merchant available!

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