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Web Sites with Dynamic created pages block web crawlers. They could stop search engines from indexing your content and hence could greatly reduce your potential traffic.

Typically such pages have a question mark (?) in the URL (or not). When a search engine crawler arrives at such a page, it captures the content but halts immediately, and will not follow the links, because it sees ahead of it an infinite number of pages -- a black hole that would bring it to a crash.
When indexing deep inside, when they encounter a question mark sign (?), which is the most obvious element in a database driven page, they just stop indexing and will not continue. There are fixes to replace the question mark. But this makes your dyamic page appear to have its own sub-directory, so the browser will look for images and links there. You can use absolute URL addresses, but that will make maintenance difficult.

Even after you make these changes, there will still be time-outs (search engines time-out quickly), and the code is usually poorly written for the search engine spiders. The pages are usually all one template, making it difficult to add keywords and to modify each page for keyword frequency.

If you create a static doorway page with a no follow tag, you will be hard pressed to get your website listed with the same ranking as other websites with hundreds of static pages and optimized code.
The best solution is to find a shopping cart that has static pages but still gives users the flexibility to browse your store and make multiple purchases with the click of a button.


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