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I know we all (well at least I) can sometimes seem a little impatient waiting for our favorite todo list items to get done. Please don't get the idea that we think you're slacking off. I know you've got a lot on your plate, including several custom programming jobs which you're doing for me.

I just want to say that I truly appreciate the job you are doing for me. Your programming skills and the integrity and quality of the entire SearchFit staff have been a major contributor to the success of my online business. With your help I've managed to turn a small, barely surviving e-commerce site into a very successful enterprise. This time last year sales were so low I wasn't even taking a salary. Now I'm averaging $1.5M per year and looking to hire more staff to handle the phones which literally ring off the hook all week long.

Increased sales are only part of the reason I like doing business with SearchFit. The SearchFit team has earned my respect for always doing what you promise and doing it right. Keep up the good work and feel free to pass my comments on to anyone considering doing business with you (well, anyone except my competitors).

Post this on the wall, Stan. If you ever feel unappreciated, read it again. Smile

Robert L Bass

We can't say enough about the Searchfit product and team.
Our two Companies have been in business for 3 years and have struggled like many other businesses with the high cost of pay per click advertising.
We started to understand two things in the advertising internet business and that is:

1. Many hosts/servers tell you that they allow you unlimited customer traffic, categorically not true.
2.Certain databases are unsearchable by search engines, which we were previously in.

Knowing these two pieces of information we set out on quest to find the Holy Grail of searchable shopping cart programs. One that could be searched by all bots and most importantly get us up on the main searche engines. And two that would allow every customer to access our site even at the highest traffic times.

We finally found Searchfit....not only are we getting these important features but included is their outstanding site building software that allows beginners to advanced programmers to put together a sophisticated looking site in no time at all, with an amazing amount of bells and whistles.
As well as beyond, exceptional customer service, you can ALWAYS talk to a person, and access the forums where you can suggest software features that you would like to see and actually see them added to the each new upgraded version of the Searchfit software.
This is an amazing company...we truly have found the Holy Grail of Shopping Carts !
Thanks Searchfit at


SearchFit Shopping Cart- There Is Just No Comparison

Having tried several other online shopping cart solutions over the past 8 years I can honestly say that there is no other cart software on the market today that I can even compare to SearchFit. All of our past carts were dynamically driven resulting in our company using one domain to create static html for search results and a separate domain for the cart and checkout process resulting in an enormous amount of extra man hours to administer. We were first referred to your company in late 2004 by an industry professional as a possible solution to our online needs and have not looked back since. We started out by signing up on the starter plan for a new website that was in development and within the first few weeks started to see the power and potential of your cart. In less than a 9 month period we now have 4 of our websites moved to SearchFit including dedicated server use from too much traffic and there are more sites in the works.

The ease of the multiple-user system that allows us to simultaneously manage several domains from a single admin is just outstanding and I have yet to find any other cart that comes even close to this functionality. We are free to target each separate market for our products without the hassle of logging into multiple admin sections for all of the separate carts. The website design functionality is also second to none with the ability to design and use multiple html templates on the same site to change the look and feel of each individual page if one desires with just a click of the mouse. There are no “cookie cutter” templates that only allow the user to change the color scheme- you are free to come up with any design that you desire, the sky is the limit.

In our short time with your company we have already been able to reduce our Pay Per Click advertising by 30% over last year with no drop in sales. This is an annualized savings of well over 6 figures to us and has freed up advertising dollars that were previously being sunk into PPC to be used in other mass media markets such as print and television. This has happened during the period prior to even having realized the benefits of your SEO services which are still in the works. As the SEO work is completed by your team and we move into our busy season the benefits will become even more obvious and the savings are likely to continue to increase. Your design team created a very sharp looking site for us when we wanted to move our main site over to SearchFit that we are more than happy with. Software customizations for our individual website needs have been handled in a timely manner and to our complete satisfaction.

If I could give one piece of advice to others that are looking for an online shopping cart system it would be this: if you want to continue to sink extra business resources into the PPC advertising black hole and be limited to what can be accomplished or grow then use an inexpensive or open-source shopping cart. If you want the ability and time to grow your business in an unlimited way then give SearchFit a try.


Justin Baldwin
Systems Administrator
Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc.


I run two online shops specializing in historical reproduction swords and weaponry. I set up my most recent site,, with the Searchfit software four months ago. It only took a month for my search engine placement to jump up to the top rankings, my site
currently ranks in the top three for many of my main keywords and is on the front page for all of them. It is a good feeling to have all of my main keywords ranked at the top. With my other site,, the success has been equally great, while I enjoyed top ratings before using Searchfit for certain keywords, I have a much broader range of keywords in the top rankings now. I was also impressed with the speed I was able to see results, I added a new line of products to my site
and within a few days I was at the top of the list for the new line. Searchfit has helped make my site one of the most highly trafficked on the net for reproduction Japanese swords.
There is much more to it then just search-engine rankings, however.
It was very easy for me to set up my
site, and the customization is almost limitless. After dealing with various shopping cart systems like Yahoo shopping cart ect, this has been the most intuitive and the easiest to use. I now have two sites with top rankings, without the headaches I have experienced in the past. I am very pleased with the service I have received from Searchfit, the performance and value have been outstanding.
Christopher Williams, Ancient Edge


Good Job SearchFit Shopping Cart

Searchfit has helped double my business in just one year. I have eliminated a tremendous amount of pay per clicks and my site is in the top five on all of the major search engines. The Searhfit staff is great to work with.
They are always willing to help promote my sites and assist with modifications. The features that Searhfit's shopping cart offer are second to none and easy to use. I would recommend Searchfit to anyone that is serious about being a leader in the competitive world of online commerce.

Jamey B. Wells
Falcon Industries, LLC




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