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Using SearchFit Database for multiple User and different Web Shopping Carts with individual Web sites Designs / Different Prices or Language in Minutes

Create for each User your plain HTML/Cascade Style Sheet Web Site Design or create for each different webpage/Category Type/Category/Sub Category your different Web Page Design.

Order Template Custom Fields - If a language different than English (the default one) is in charge then the logged user could TRANSLATE all given messages, descriptions, and labels into the selected Language.
If the English language is selected then the logged user could CHANGE all given messages, descriptions, and labels.
HTML can be used as a value of the fields, which gives the possibility images to be assigned instead of plain text. For example if the user wants to change "Add to Cart" text link to a link of a custom created button image, then he needs just to add a corresponding HTML img> tag.

Order Template Custom Fields - user may want to ask the buyer to enter some more information regarding the products placed in the cart.
Custom Fields could be assigned for all Categories or particular Category. They will appear in the order form together with all personal and credit card information of the buyer.
Descriptions of some properties:
Workgroup: if different custom fields assigned to different categories/products are about to be shown on the checkout page then the engine checks whether or not they are in the same workgroup. If so, then only one of the fields will be shown. In other words, the workgroup makes possible only one field to be shown for duplicated custom fields (fields with the same meaning)
#: enables a custom order of the rows
Category dropdown: has values in format: [NUM] NAME, where NUM is the number of custom fields for the category. If the NAME ends with "[-]" then the category is not active or it does not have active products.


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